Bring MESTO quality to your home and garden. The 3132GR combines the quality of MESTO with unique features like our 360 degree swivel design. This is the ideal spraying solution for gardeners, landscapers, pest control, or just around the house.

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This pressure sprayer is the perfect helper for home and garden. It offers plenty of comfort, such as a safety valve with easy pressure relief option, and the adjustable nozzle ensures a straight jet line spray or fine misting with even atomization. 360 degree swiveling allows the 3132GR to be sprayed from any position, even upside down, without misfiring. It is equipped with NBR seals for common household chemicals and pesticides.

* Weight: 0.9 lbs
* Capacity: 1.5 L (0.4 gallon)
* Flow rate: 0.1 GPM
* Maximum operating pressure: 44 PSI
* Nozzle: Adjustable – straight or misting
* Seal type: NBR for common household chemicals or pesticide
* Pressure release valve
* 360 degree swivel