MESTO 3270UP Compression Sprayer 10L, FPM


The container with a capacity of 10 l is made of plastic, can be carried on the side and is equipped with a stand, which means that the container stands securely even when it is not filled at low levels or on uneven ground. In addition, the stand protects the connection between the hose and the container. The 50 cm long, 360° rotatable brass spray pipe has an 80-01 brass flat jet nozzle with built-in filters. The plastic pump with ergonomic pump handle and steel piston rod is sturdy and convenient to inflate. The funnel cover built into the pump is used to protect against contamination. The hose, which can be extended to a length of 2.5 m, is space-saving and ensures a long reach. There is a filter screen in the shut-off valve that is easy to clean and protects the nozzle from clogging. The integrated feed hopper makes it easy to fill the device, spray and extension tubes can be optimally stowed on the device and the piston pressure gauge with built-in safety valve round off the equipment of the 3270UP.

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